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East West Railway – Central Section – between Cambridge and Bedford:
On 30 January 2020, EWR Co announced its Preferred Route as Option E through Cambourne.
While this is less destructive than Options A, C and E through Bassingbourn, Option E:
  • fails to follow the transport corridor created by the existing and soon-to-be-upgraded A428 dual carriageway;
  • fails to serve new developments at Bedford’s Wixam;
  • fails to complement the new developments at St Neots;
  • fails to serve the future new developments in the Cambourne area north of the A428;
  • fails to connect with new developments at Northstowe/Oakington;
  • fails to recognise the necessary coordination with other transport systems and associated housing, now and proposed;
  • adversely affects natural habitats to an unnecessary extent, according to analysis by the Wildlife Trust;
  • enters Cambridge from the south by joining the already congested line into Cambridge South (Addenbrookes) Station;
  • and, by rejecting entry into Cambridge via under-utilised Cambridge North Station, condemns commuters to north Cambridge destinations from the Cambourne catchment to driving or to taking the C2C ‘guided-bus-to-nowhere’.

See our tabulated Comparison with CBRR’s Route and CBRR’s response to Chapter 16 (‘Approach into Cambridge’) of EWR Co’s Preferred Route Option Report . CBRR’s Route now enjoys even wider-spread support.
Heidi Allen MP (South Cambridgeshire):

“... East West Rail and the Expressway are well and truly on Government’s “to-do” list. At every opportunity I get, I reinforce the National Infrastructure Commission’s recommendation that their corridors must be aligned so that they serve both existing and emerging communities.”