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The Media have been quick to recognise how important this subject is and how limited public knowledge of it is. They see the opportunity and responsibility to spread the word and there is currently and ongoing a high level of media interest in the CBRR campaign. We were gratified by the words of an MP we met for the first time recently, who said “CBRR are clearly an impressive, well-informed group who 'must' be taken seriously.”

Press Release: CamBedRailRoad: the Campaign Continues / 20.03.20 / CBRR
Letter to Supporters / 12.03.20 / CBRR
Press Release: CamBedRailRoad Ready for Judicial Review / 21.11.19 /  CBRR
Conservative PPC backs CamBedRailRoad's northern route option / 12.09.19 / Royston Crow
Tory candidate backs Northern route through Cambourne / 23.08.19 / Cambridge Independent
Next stop consultation deadline... but we must keep going, says CBRR / 02.03.19 / Royston Crow
Woodland Trust asked to sign gagging order if it wants to see rail plans affecting its own sites / 06.03.19 / Daily Telegraph
Arguments for Northern Approach Into Cambridge / 26.02.19
Unanswered questions as rail link proposals discussed / Royston Crow / 21/02/2019
Press Release: Highways England Route selection welcomed / 18.02.19 / CBRR
A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet progress report / Feb 2019 / Highways England
Stating the Case against EWR Co Route Options and for the Northern Route advocated by CBRR / 11.02.19
Letter to Councillors / Feb 2019 

Residents urged to have their say on rail link route options / 31.01.19 / Royston Crow
Press Release  / 28.01.19
North and south routes would be a major departure from link plans / 17.01.19 / Royston Crow
Transport in South Cambridgeshire: is not Integration the only Solution? / 13.12.18 / CBRR
Overlay of CBRR route on EWR Co corridor / 21.01.19 / CBRR
EWR CEO reveals corridor for consultation / Jan 2019 / EWR Co
Response from SoS, DfT, via Programme Director / 19.12.18 / DfT
Response from Chairman of East West Rail Company / 02.11.18 / EWR Co
CBRR Solicitor’s Letter to SoS DfT / 26.11.18 / Richard Buxton Solicitor
Budget 2018 & NIC publications / 29.10.18 / CBRR
Major infrastructure projects need more transparency / 22.10.18 / National Audit Office (NAO)
CBRR sends Open Letter to Chairman of East West Rail Company / 22.10.18 / CBRR
Donors to JustGiving post arguments in support / 12.10.18 / CBRR JustGiving
Petitioners' arguments posted supporting CBRR route / 10.10.18 / CBRR Petitioners
Make sure the environment is fully considered for new railway line says Council / 28.09.18 / SCDC / 09.10.18 / Heidi Allen MP
Alternative proposal isn’t nimbyism, says CamBedRailRoad chairman / 26.09.18 / Royston Crow
CamBedRailRoad: ‘There’s another way to connect Oxford to Cambridge’ / 22.09.18 / Royston Crow
Biggleswade and Tempsford ‘14,000 homes U-turn’ denied / 14.09.18 / The Comet
MPs react to proposed boundary changes affecting South Cambs villages / 12.09.18 / Royston Crow
Corridor revealed for Oxford to Cambridge Expressway / 12.09.18 / Cambridge News
‘Our vision for east west rail is earning widespread support’ says CBRR / 29.08.18 / Cambridge Independent
Record proportion of Londoners selling up to move north  / 27.08.18 / The Guardian
This disastrous new project will change the face of Britain, yet no debate is allowed / 22.08.18 / The Guardian
New route for East West railway line put forward / 24.08.18 / Cambridge Independent
A vision of how East West rail could look under think-tank’s proposals / 24.08.18 / Cambridge Independent
Call to action over Arc rail link routes that could hit local villages / 21.08.18 / Biggleswade Chronicle
Next phase of East-West Rail in line for 2019 start / 30.07.18 / New Civil Engineer
Cambridgeshire mayor’s metro plan dismissed as ‘fantasy’ in National Infrastructure Commission report / 02.07.18 / Cambridge Independent
Mayor on collision course with ministers over £400m city deal cash / 28.06.18 / Local Government Chronicle
Locations of new Cambridge to Oxford Garden Towns revealed / 06.03.18 / Cambridge News
Company launched to oversee plans for rail link to Oxford / 21.12.17 / Cambridge Independent
Bassingbourn population ‘to increase tenfold’ if new town is built along Oxford-to-Cambridge corridor rail link / 21.12.17 / Royston Crow

Aidan Van de Weyer
(Deputy Leader, South Cambridgeshire District Council)

“The vitality of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor is crucial to the future prosperity of the whole country. We need to make bold investments in infrastructure to support that growth and make it sustainable. The East West Railway is the most important piece of the jigsaw, so we've got to work together and get it right by looking at what all the options can bring.”

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“Our area is driving the UK economy. The scale of development that brings means we must get the infrastructure right and for the sake of our residents and future generations it must be sustainable. Putting both road and rail along the A428 corridor where so much growth is planned delivers sustainable infrastructure with a minimum of planning blight. It is the obvious solution.”
Sebastian Kindersley
(Cambridgeshire County Councillor):