Who are we?

CBRR is a community based, voluntary, think tank led by two distinguished transport infrastructure Civil Engineers, with extensive experience in the UK and the Far East, and our Chairman, County Councillor Sebastian Kindersley. Click here for more about ‘Our People

Alarmed by the deficiencies of the current proposals they have joined forces with other concerned local residents to try and secure a better outcome for our region.
Why are we doing this?
Any new railway must serve current and proposed population centres and provide fast and sustainable local transport options as well as linking up the major hubs on the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge corridor.

The current ‘preferred route’ does not serve the local people and will blight the countryside unnecessarily. Few people are even aware of the current plans, derived from a lack of joined up thinking from those responsible for Roads, Rail and Homes. All as warned by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).

We believe that if our proposal is not considered by the decision makers for EWR the result will be bad for those where the railway goes, and bad for those who will miss out on the benefits it should deliver. The many independent agencies involved in delivering Roads, Rail and Housing in this area have so far failed to co-ordinate as they focus on working to their respective disparate briefs. As a result there is no communal, best-fit transport plan for the Central Section of the EW Rail proposals.
  • We think there is a better solution and we want it to be considered alongside the existing proposals.
  • We want people to be informed
  • We want people to have a say before it is too late!
What are we doing about it?
We are a small group with limited resources in terms of number of people, time and finance. However:
  • We have appraised the many reports from multiple agencies that have been published to date. Please see our ‘Resources page’
  • Critiqued the current proposals
  • Developed and carried out a high-level, holistic, engineering study to design a common-sense, best fit alternative multi-modal route for the EWR Central section
  • Created a booklet to raise awareness of the subject and present the CBRR proposal
  • Created a website as a resource for interested residents
  • Presented our proposal to Heidi Allen (MP for South Cambridgeshire) and Mayor James Palmer of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority as well as mix of over 80 Parish Chairmen, District Councillors and County Councillors, and several Parish meetings, thus far receiving near unanimous and enthusiastic support.
  • Arranged numerous other meeting with key players in the near future
  • Arranged many other presentations to local Parishes
Heidi Allen MP (South Cambridgeshire):

“... East West Rail and the Expressway are well and truly on Government’s “to-do” list. At every opportunity I get, I reinforce the National Infrastructure Commission’s recommendation that their corridors must be aligned so that they serve both existing and emerging communities.”

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“The vitality of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor is crucial to the future prosperity of the whole country. We need to make bold investments in infrastructure to support that growth and make it sustainable. The East West Railway is the most important piece of the jigsaw, so we've got to work together and get it right by looking at what all the options can bring.”
Aidan Van de Weyer
(Deputy Leader, South Cambridgeshire District Council)