How can I get involved? 

Sign our Petition!

Follow this link to our PETITION which will highlight the amount of local support.

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Have your say!

EWR Co's Consultation closes on 11 March 2019. After that, they choose a single Route. This is your last chance to influence that decision. Submit a feedback form, and make sure your neighbours know about this Consultation.

Support our cause!

We are a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, working on a pro bono basis, and need funds to continue our work on behalf of the residents of the ‘Central Section’. Your donation will be used to fund everything from the printing of leaflets and presentation materials, to maintaining our website, to paying professional fees for environmental consultants and legal advice. We have already used up a charitable donation of £5,000 from a Parish Benefits Company as well several individual donations for which we have been very grateful. Please continue this help by using our JustGiving Page
If you can offer practical support, please get in touch by email
We would particularly welcome the help of Transport Planners.

Spread the word!

Visit our website often for the latest developments and tell as many people as possible about our proposal. You can find our Brochure here and forward this link, or this one to our website

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Lobby your MP!

We need the support of our MPs. You can help by letting your MP know you support the CBRR Route and would like to see their support as well. Here are links for their contact details:
South Cambridgeshire | Heidi Allen MP
Huntingdon | Jonathan Djanogly MP
Central Bedfordshire | Alistair Burt MP
Cambridge | Daniel Zeichner MP
North East Hertfordshire | Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP

Lobby your Local Councillors!

Please do also write or email your Parish, District and County Councillors to show your support.

What do I write?

If you would like help with something to write, you can build on the words we offer in this link.

Thank you!

CamBedRailRoad is a not-for-profit Community Interest initiative that aims to secure the optimal transport infrastructure between Bedford and Cambridge. Your support will make a difference. We thank you for your help.
Don't delay! Once the final routes have been chosen the battle for common sense may well be lost.
Aidan Van de Weyer
(Deputy Leader, South Cambridgeshire District Council)

“The vitality of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor is crucial to the future prosperity of the whole country. We need to make bold investments in infrastructure to support that growth and make it sustainable. The East West Railway is the most important piece of the jigsaw, so we've got to work together and get it right by looking at what all the options can bring.”

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“Our area is driving the UK economy. The scale of development that brings means we must get the infrastructure right and for the sake of our residents and future generations it must be sustainable. Putting both road and rail along the A428 corridor where so much growth is planned delivers sustainable infrastructure with a minimum of planning blight. It is the obvious solution.”
Sebastian Kindersley
(Cambridgeshire County Councillor):