SCDC promotes 'all route options' & environment to be fully considered by EWR
This Council believes that at this stage in the design process it is essential for all route options to be evaluated. The selection of route options must take account of analysis of how they support and unlock housing and employment growth and how they fit with our existing development strategies.
This Council acknowledges that infrastructure investment on this scale carries enormous risks in its impacts on the environment while also presenting us with an unprecedented opportunity to make positive contributions to the net biodiversity and natural capital gain of the areas affected. This Council therefore commits itself to promoting environmental enhancement of benefits (such as flood management, water availability, noise and air pollution mitigation, health and landscape/amenities) along the corridor and asks that this is included in the route evaluation criteria."
This extract is from item 15c of Council decisions dated 27 Sep 2018: see full text here.
Heidi Allen MP (South Cambridgeshire):

“... East West Rail and the Expressway are well and truly on Government’s “to-do” list. At every opportunity I get, I reinforce the National Infrastructure Commission’s recommendation that their corridors must be aligned so that they serve both existing and emerging communities.”